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Anyone can make money online and earn free gift cards on GigsGiveaways through basic tasks, offers and free gig giveaways. We all need free stuff, hence the GigsGiveaways website exclusively dedicated to giving out freebies. Our collaboration with key brands globally means we offer the greatest deals and goodies. Plus free giveaways everyday.

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Elaine Moore

Java Consultant @ Infosys

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Curious Mind? Have questions? Your Ultimate Guide - All Answers to Your Sturdy Questions!

Is it possible for me to deposit this gift card into my bank account or take out cash from an ATM?
Here at Only purchases made on the websites of vendors, such as Target, Walmart, and so forth, are accepted with gift cards. The money on the gift cards cannot be accessed directly with cash through an ATM or bank transaction.
What is the price of buying gift cards from your website? (Is there a cost?)
Both eGift and the physical gift cards from the seller have no activation fees. On the Merchant website, there may occasionally be a purchase fee associated with purchasing Giftcards. Please check our Terms and Policy pages for additional information.
Why was my order for a gift card canceled?
Orders for gift cards are canceled mostly when the information supplied does not match the information your bank has on file or when the merchant discovers, after verification, that the information is fraudulent.
Can I mail my gift card to a retailer outside of the United States?
Not at this time. Only in the United States may merchant eGift cards that are offered on be redeemed.
How can I use the merchant website to redeem my eGift card?
Before using them to redeem them for an online purchase, please review the particular terms and conditions listed on each merchant's product page.