10 Best Ways To Make Money With Discord Bots


Written by San Joyce | 11-21-2022

What are Discord bots?

Discord bots are automated programs that can perform various tasks on Discord, such as providing information, playing music, or moderating conversations.

Type Of DiscordBot

Some bots offer paid features that can be unlocked on a per-user basis. For example, a music bot might charge users $1 per song played.

Advertise Your DiscordBot

Make money with Discord bots is through advertising. This can be done by displaying ads within the bot’s interface or by selling advertising space on the bot’s website or social media channels.

Make money from making a Discord bot

– You can sell your bot directly to users via sites like Fiverr or Upwork. – You can create a bot that performs some sort of function for users (e.g. a music bot) and then charge for that service.

Do Discord bots cost money?

Discord bots can be a great way to make money, but they don’t always have to cost money. There are plenty of free Discord bots out there .

Selling Discordbots Subscription

Selling bot subscriptions is the most common way to make money with Discord bots. You can charge a monthly or yearly fee for users to have access to your bot’s features.

Make Money With Discord Bots

Selling in-game items or currency is another way to make money with Discord bots. This can be done by setting up a shop within your bot

How to get started with making money from Discord bots?

First, you’ll need to have a Discord account and be a member of at least one server. Next, you’ll need to create a bot account. You can promote your bot and make money by charging people for use.

How can discord bots make me money?

You can develop your own Discord bot and sell it on the Discord Bot Store. Finally, you can offer your bot development services to others.

Top 10 ways to make money with Discord bot

1. Sell your Discord bot as a service. 2. Offer premium features or content for your Discord bot. 3. Use your Discord bot to advertise other products or services.

4. Use your Discord bot to generate leads for your business. 5. Use your Discord bot to promote your brand or company. 6. Use your Discord bot to increase website traffic.


7. Use your Discord bot to build an email list 8. Get paid to develop bots for other people 9. Offer customer support through your Discord bot 10. Make money through affiliate marketing


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What is the best Discord bot ever?

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