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How to Save Big with Walt Disney Gift Cards

Have you been craving to go on a fairytale journey to the happiest place on the planet yet you are concerned with the expenses? I can relate to this. It is high time we had discussions about Walt Disney gift cards!

A vacation to Disney could be such an expensive venture, but not to worry. I have an ace that may help you keep some money back from going down the drain.

What Exactly Are Disney Gift Cards?

They are similar to gift cards in so far as they are cards that you can use to pay for Disney items of all kinds. There is a trick to using them at a lower cost if you are aware of where they are found. Yes! I mean saving for your Disney trip even before setting foot in the park!

Do Walt Disney Gift Cards Save You Money?

Just like many of you, I am always searching for those minor strategies for saving on those magical holidays in Disneyland with Disneyland gift cards. Common advice is to use Walt Disney gift cards, but do they help, or is it just a scam? Read on and find out!

How to Save Big on Walt Disney Gift Cards

What exactly are Disney Gift Certificates?

The Walt Disney gift card is essentially cash, which can be used within Disney parks, hotels, cruises, and online stores. This means that one can get them in various stores such as Target, Walmart, and even Sam’s Club among others.

Here’s the deal on the Disney World Gift Card

At times, you may come across Walt Disney gift cards at a reduced price or even obtain cashback offers provided by some credit card companies. For instance, just shop at Target and apply the RedCard or CircleCard to get 5% off all items on the Disney gift card sale, or visit Sam’s Club where once in a while they sell Disney gift card packets at a lower price than their actual worth.

The reward for playing your cards right (pun intended) is that you might be able to get a small discount on them. Considering this money will end up at Disney gift card amounts to saving a few dollars off your entire holiday expenditure. Now this is the catch…

Disney Gift Card Deals (Reality)

Discounted Disney gift cards allow you to save money, but with most price drops being minimal at most, around 5% to 10%. There are times when better Disney gift card deals exist for Disney tickets, hotels as well as packages on third-party websites like Under Cover Tourist or Expedia.

So if you’re only saving, say, 5% by using discounted Walt Disney gift cards, but you could’ve saved 10% by booking directly through a travel site, then you’re losing money in the long run. Yikes!

When Walt Disney Gift Cards Make Sense

Dining and merchandise: Disney gift cards might not be as bad as they seem at first. Which is what we are going to see. When it comes to Disney’s restaurants and souvenir shops, it’s hard to find them discounted, discount gift cards can help reduce such costs.

Disney Cruises and Adventures: Bargains for these products are seldom seen; hence for saving money, discounted gift cards could be very useful.

If they were given to you, trolls would argue that it is wrong but truly it isn’t:

Where to find these mythical Walt Disney Gift Cards?

Below are some of the ways that it is possible to find great deals on Disney gift cards:

Disney Gift Card Sam’s Club and Disney GiftCard Costco

Sam’s Club Disney gift card: If you are a member of any wholesale club like Sam’s then you are lucky. They typically have Walt Disney gift card sale at a discounted rate. The rate is about 20% off the original price which can be around $4-$6 cheaper. Sometimes there may be other promotions that may enable one to save more. Look out for them!

Target Disney gift card

Did you know that in case you are using either Target Redcard Credit (RedCard is now CircleCard) or Debit then your purchase of a Disney card will enjoy a five percent price cut? Also, if you choose the online purchase option then the dispatch is free as well.

Multiple sites are engaged in buying and selling gift cards, including Raise and Gift Card Granny. Sometimes, it is possible to come across discounted Disney cards – but crosscheck the seller’s reviews and ratings first.

Disney Promotions: Discounted Disney Gift Cards

From time to time, Disney provides Walt Disney gift card deals. A case in point could be a situation where they have a promotion where you receive an additional $20 for every purchase worth $100. Make sure to always check their webpage plus social platforms for these adverts.

Save with Disney gift cards

Time to get out the calculator! Suppose you’re preparing for a vacation involving 4 people and have set aside $3000 on park tickets, accommodation, and meals in total. If you buy a Disney gift card with 5% off, you’ll save as much as $150.

Recall what I mentioned concerning those savings with Target RedCard. All you have to do is use your RedCard to purchase gift cards from Disney at 5% off and then when booking your trip after employing these gift cards; in essence, you are getting two discounts on the same product purchase. Finally, your $3000 holiday shrank to $2700.

What else do I need to know about using my Disney Gift Cards?

Before you start hoarding discounted Disney gift cards, there are some factors to consider:

  • You can amalgamate Walt Disney gift cards worth no more than $1,000 on one card via the Internet. Such helps one monitor the amount of cash held thereby aiding payment for high-cost things such as hostels.
  • All Disney gift cards are lifetime; in other words, you can purchase them at a reduced price any time they are being sold and then keep them for your next tour.
  • One may comfortably employ Disney gift cards at most Disney locations in the US, including theme parks, hotels, diners, and Disney Stores.
  • When you book a Disney vacation package, use Disney gift cards to settle everything at once. Simply dial Disney’s reservation line and communicate that you will be making payments with gift cards.

Note: You can’t use Disney gift cards to buy other gift cards.

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Track Down Discounted Disney Gift Cards?

Why would you want to spend an entire evening searching for negligibly affordable hotel rooms? Whereas you can simply get discounted gift cards within a few minutes. Be aware that you are saving on your whole trip’s expenses.

Walt Disney Gift Card
Walt Disney Gift Card

Frequently Asked Questions about Walt Disney gift cards:

May the Disney World Gift Cards can be used for Disney Park or Resort purchases?
Yes, Disney World Gift Cards, Disneyland gift cards, Disney stores, Disney cruises as well as ShopDisney.com accept Disney gift cards.

Where can I purchase a Walt Disney gift certificate for sale if I may ask?
Discounts can be found in such outlets as the Target CircleCard program, Sam’s Club, and additional similar deals provided by certain financial institutions.

Can the balance of several Disney gift cards be merged (Combine Disney Gift Cards)?
That’s correct! If you have a few Walt Disney gift cards with some money left on them, you can Combine the Disney Gift Card amount to a single card. This may be practically useful when it comes to settling your bill.

Is there a time limit within which the Walt Disney gift certificate must be used?
The validity of Disney gift cards lasts forever as long as they are stored securely by someone. Such balances will never expire until they have been exhausted by their holders.

Is it possible for me to recharge a Disney gift card with more money?
Regrettably, no. If there is no money left in the balance of a Disney gift card, then another card will have to be purchased. This purpose can’t use the previous card again.

Can Walt Disney Gift Cards be used to buy food or other items inside the park?
Yes! These are accepted at most dining spots, as well as in stores across Disney Property, including hotels & parks.

Does Disney eGift Cards function in the same manner as traditional gift cards from Disney?
Certainly. At checkout, you can use a Disney e-gift card in the very same manner that you would use the one in your hands just pull up its barcode on your phone.

Can Disney Gift Cards be purchased using a Disney Visa rewards card?
You cannot redeem your Disney Visa rewards for Disney Gift Cards directly; although, you can buy them from stores such as grocery stores and Disney’s website.

What will occur if my Disney gift card is stolen or lost?
Disney can often save you if you give them the card number, just call them.

Can Walt Disney gift cards be used to pay for a Disney cruise?
Yes! They are one of the few other options you have to save money on when it comes to Disney Cruises because there is not much they give discounts on.

Bottom Line

Disney gift cards can help save some amount of money occasionally notwithstanding. They are not a perfect solution for saving magical money all by themselves.

This is why I would advise you to always conduct research before making decisions based on finance and ensure all calculations are done accurately if need be.

If you find some at significantly lower prices and no compromise is made elsewhere in terms of value; why not buy them? But don’t worry about it when savings are nothing much, just enjoy your holiday at Disney creating memories full of magic.

The Disney holiday is all about creating memories with those you hold dear. These memories must not necessarily be associated with credit card debts at all. You can cut costs on a visit to the happiest place on earth by using discounted Walt Disney gift cards thereby saving a substantial amount of money.

Therefore, my buddies, feel free to purchase as many discount cards as possible since they will be very beneficial in cushioning your financial status as well as in nurturing that child inside you. I wish each one of you a nice trip!

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