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Take Advantage of the Growing Pet Industry and Launch a Profitable Side Business With These Five Pet-Related Companies


Franchises in the pet sector can be a “paw-some” option if you’re thinking about branching out into entrepreneurship as a side gig. A Profitable Side Business With These Five Pet-Related Companies

However, like with any business-related choice, be sure to conduct thorough franchise research and consider which franchise might be the greatest fit for you. These five pet-related franchises are a great way to start your own business while combining your passion for animals with your entrepreneurial spirit.

1. DoodyCalls

We don’t often consider the unpleasant aspects of pet ownership, but—believe it or not—there are aspects of it where you can use your business mentality. A low-cost, passive revenue option that is manageable at any time of day is provided by DoodyCalls, a mobile pet waste management company.

This gives franchisees the flexibility to serve a diverse clientele, which is especially helpful for pet owners who adore their dogs but detest them or are unable to clean up after them. DoodyCalls, with assistance from Authority Brands, has all the tools required to run a company, including training to prepare and assist franchise owners all year long.

2. Aussie Pet Mobile (Side Business)

Aussie Pet Mobile, a mobile pet grooming company, can be the ideal choice if you’re talented at making pets feel their best and you’re looking for a flexible business model.

Aussie Pet Mobile takes great satisfaction in offering its customers flexible, high-quality, and professional grooming care services. As a franchisee, you will be associated with the biggest name in mobile pet grooming. Franchisees receive everything they need to grow their business, including a grooming truck, a secured region, and lots of training and assistance.

3. Zoom Room

Are you attempting to avoid boarding or canine daycare centers that are too expensive? In that case, Zoom Room might work well. Zoom Room is a premier indoor dog training business that prioritizes sales of high-quality pet products, socializing, and professional training.

But what distinguishes Zoom Room as a franchise is its emphasis on small initial and recurring expenses, which makes it perfect as a side gig.

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Compared to other pet-related franchises, Zoom Room has a smaller building footprint, and since owners always accompany their dogs—after all, you are training people, not just dogs—there might be less liability attached to your business.

4. Pet Supplies Plus – Side Business

A pet supply store might not seem like a side business at first. In actuality, starting a pet supply store will generally require a larger initial financial commitment than starting a mobile grooming service.

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However, you will profit from a Pet Supplies Plus franchise in the same way that you would from a side business once it gets off the ground. To fulfill your dreams of becoming a franchisee, combine your love of animals with a full-service supply store that offers exclusive goods, a simplified shopping experience, and a grooming facility.

The well-established and multi-award-winning company Pet Supplies Plus aims to position its franchisees for early success.

5. Grooming & Bakery Woof Gang

Do you enjoy eating animals? The Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming franchise allows you to combine those two hobbies. The basic pet grooming experience changes at Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming with a wide range of treatments and gourmet snacks.

With pre-opening assistance (such as business plan creation) and on-the-job training, Woof Gange Bakery and Grooming will position you for success.

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