What is the best way to get a free amazon gift card? Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Wrong. Now, you can easily get free gift cards with these unique 7 ways.

A number of restaurants, retailers, and services will give you free gift cards with very little effort. It is entirely possible to obtain free Amazon gift cards, free Visa gift cards, and free grocery gift cards.

You can earn a gift card by doing things you already do, such as online shopping, closet cleaning, and grocery shopping.

Do you want to learn how to get free gift cards? You’ve come to the right place.

Free gift cards are becoming a more common payment method for everyday tasks that we complete online as digital wallets become more popular and we use cash less frequently each year.

Amazon, Target, Sephora, and good old-fashioned pre-paid Visa credit cards are among the most popular brands.

Our Favorite Ways to Get Free Gift Cards

Survey Junkie – Share your opinion and get paid
Rakuten – Get a free amazon gift card & cash back on your purchases

Where Can I Get Free Gift Cards?

If you want to get free gift cards, here are a few simple ideas you can try.

Survey Junkie Paid Surveys for free gift cards
Survey Junkie Paid Surveys for free gift cards

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Survey Junkie

Taking online surveys is another way to earn gift cards. Some survey companies will pay you directly in cash. Others, on the other hand, will allow you to receive gift cards.

Survey Junkie is a reputable survey company to consider.

When you reach 1,000 points ($10 value), you can cash out your points for gift cards with Survey Junkie.

You will be able to express your thoughts on a wide range of topics, from politics to shopping habits to what you eat for meals.

They will tailor surveys to your preferences in order to maximize your survey experience and results.

Rakuten offers free gift cards doing paid surveys
Rakuten offers free gift cards doing paid surveys

Rakuten Insight

Okay, Rakuten operates a little differently than some of the other sites on this list. However, you can still use the site to obtain a free amazon gift card.

Rakuten is a shopping portal that offers cash back. When you sign up for Rakuten through the link in the box below, they will give you a signup bonus after you make your first purchase.

Following that, you’ll earn money every time you shop and buy online through the Rakuten shopping portal.

Rakuten works with almost 2,000 shops.

Each retailer gives cash back bonus through Rakuten for every purchase you make. Cash back benefits might range from 1% to 40% of your purchase.

You will accumulate a cash balance in your Rakuten account, which Rakuten will give to you every quarter. They’ll pay you via PayPal or via cheque, whichever you desire.

The money you get can then be used to purchase gift cards from any store of your choice.

If you’re going to shop online anyhow, you might as well get some cash back or free gift cards out of the deal.

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Get a Gift Card When You Buy Select Items at Target.

During special sales, Target frequently gives a free gift card with the purchase of a specific item. So frequently, in fact, that we’ve written an entire essay about how to receive free Target gift cards. This is just one of many simple methods to save money when shopping at Target.

BuyBuy Baby, Safeway, Bed Bath & Beyond, Victoria’s Secret, and Sam’s Club are among the other stores that do the same.

Earn Gift Cards by Referring a Friend to a Service you Use.

Keep in mind that you will not often receive a free gift card simply for establishing a recommendation.
A buddy may be required to make a purchase or keep an account open for a set period of time.

Earn Gift Cards by Recommending Friends to Specific Stores/Websites.

Do you like those recommendations? There’s a lot more to it than that. When your referred friends sign up or make a purchase, these firms will give you a free amazon gift card:

MOO: When your friend makes their first MOO purchase, you will receive a $15 MOO gift card.
Raise: When your friend makes a purchase, you’ll receive $5 placed into your Raise account to use on any gift card (up to $100 each year).

REI CO-OP MasterCard: Earn a $20 REI gift card for each friend who applies for and is approved for the REI credit card. You can earn as many gift cards as you want with REI’s referral program.
Sam’s Club: Get a $10 e-gift card for each friend who signs up.

Get Free Shopkick Gift Cards When you Conduct your Weekly Grocery Shopping.

We’ve all heard of applications that make you money quickly, and one of our favorites is the shopping app Shopkick.

Earn “kicks” for scanning products in stores, purchasing specific products, and inviting friends. Points can be redeemed for gift cards to Best Buy, Target, Starbucks, Sephora, and other retailers.

Great Ways to Get Free Gift Cards
Great Ways to Get Free Gift Cards

How to Get Easily Free Gift Cards

Discover how millions of people earn gift cards to their favorite retailers such as Walmart, Target, Amazon, and Starbucks.

Gift cards may be just as nice as cash no matter where you are in your financial life, and who doesn’t enjoy free money? The internet is brimming with opportunities to make money online. If you’re not sure where to begin, here’s a list of the greatest places to acquire gift cards.

Participate in Paid Online Surveys for Free Gift Cards

Those who enjoy doing social media quizzes will find that answering online surveys is a simple method to earn gift cards. You’ll be able to generate money no matter what your schedule is, with polls ranging from a single question to full-length market research.

Swagbucks is a well-known rewards program. Completing surveys earns your SB points. You can also earn money by watching films, playing games, or searching the internet using their search engine. With enough points, a payout of as little as $1 is possible. If that isn’t enough, there are ongoing sweepstakes with even better gift card rewards and giveaways.

QMEE is a well-known market research survey platform. You can earn money by doing surveys and other common internet tasks. The payment can be made using PayPal, Merchant eCards, or a cheque deposited into your bank account.

Sell or Trade your Items for Cash in the form of Gift Cards.

If you have unused devices, consider turning them in for gift cards at popular retailers. It’s an excellent technique to save money on upgraded things.

In collaboration with an exchange, Walmart offers an online “Gadget to Gift Cards” program. Answer a few questions online and FedEx will ship your things. After your items are reviewed, you will receive an instant Walmart eGift Card.

Target’s trade-in program is available online or at a participating store. For a quote, answer questions regarding the quality of your item. They will issue you a Target gift card after the item has been recovered.

Best Buy offers trade-in programs in which you can bring your unused devices to exchange for newer things or a Best Buy gift card. They will also offer special trade-in discounts to help you save even more money.

Questions and Answers

Where can I receive free gift cards?

There are plenty of ways to earn rewards that fit into any schedule, whether you’re looking for Amazon Gift Cards to economize on the latest gadget or Walmart Gift Cards for your everyday grocery shopping. With so many methods to earn, obtaining free gift cards may be simple and enjoyable.

How to receive free gift cards fast?

You can acquire gift cards quickly through sites like Swagbucks, MyPoints, and Tada, which frequently provide signup bonuses ranging from $1 to $10. They have numerous options for you to earn money – the more frequently you utilize it, the higher the payment.

What is the greatest app for getting free gift cards?

If you want to get cash back, try MyPoints, and if you want to answer surveys, use the Swagbucks Mobile Answer app. Consider Shoply if you spend a lot of time grocery shopping.

What types of gift cards are available for free?

Thousands of your favorite businesses and brands are available. PayPal, Amazon, Walmart, Target, Starbucks, Google Play, Apple iTunes, Best Buy, eBay, Uber, and Visa are all popular gift card providers.

How many unused gift cards are there?

According to the National Retail Federation, 70% of holiday plastic goes unused for up to a year, and roughly 20% is misplaced or never redeemed.

Are our gift cards preferable to cash or checks?

You can redeem prizes via Paypal or check, but there is frequently bonus offers that increase the value of the gift card. It’s exactly as effective as cash as long as you choose a gift card that you want to spend.

What should I do if I still have a balance on my gift card?

Unused gift cards can be sold or traded for cash through online gift exchanges or gift card kiosks. Swagbucks allows you to earn money online while also receiving over a hundred different free gift cards.

Begin putting money back into your wallet!