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7 Trusted Websites for Micro Jobs That Can Help You Make Money Online


Even if micro jobs don’t look as profitable as other online income pursuits, finishing these quick activities is one of the simplest methods to work from home and make money.

These positions offer plenty of possibilities, allowing you to select the kinds of duties that most suit your preferences, and they need little to no experience.

This post enumerates seven micro job sites where you can make money online without making a significant financial commitment.

Micro Jobs: What Are They?

Microjobs are little, one-time, or transient positions that center on finishing a particular task. Since these jobs are usually simple and quick to do, previous experience is frequently not required.

Content writing, audio transcription, and website or app testing are examples of common online micro-jobs. While most micro jobs are posted online via freelance platforms and job boards, some can be finished in person.

Trusted Microjob Websites to Make Money Online

1. Fiverr

Fiverr is an international freelance marketplace where you may list your services or abilities for small jobs as “gigs” that potential customers can buy.

Just sign up for an account, make one or more gigs outlining your services, and wait for potential customers to place orders to begin selling your services on Fiverr. You have the freedom to determine your prices, with a $5 minimum transaction amount.

2. Upwork

Another well-liked network for freelancing is Upwork, where you can locate legitimate online micro-employment. Upwork gives you the option to aggressively apply for listed micro jobs that fit your credentials and talents, in contrast to Fiverr, where you offer a service and wait for orders.

The suggested budget of your possible client will determine the amount of money you can make on Upwork. Nonetheless, it’s not unusual for independent contractors to earn thousands of dollars per month from the menial employment they discover in this marketplace.

3. The Task Rabbit

As a tasker, sign up with TaskRabbit and begin making money by providing your services to people and companies nearby or beyond. After completing the platform’s registration process and paying the $25 registration cost, you’ll be asked to showcase your talents so that prospective employers can determine whether you’re qualified for the jobs they need you to do.

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Your TaskRabbit prices and schedule are customizable to suit your preferences and availability. The services that are now in demand on this website range greatly, from online activities like data entry to housework like painting or cleaning.

4. ClickWorker

You may complete a steady stream of micro jobs with ClickWorker at any time and from any location. You don’t have to market yourself to potential customers on this website because the platform pays you for the jobs you finish.

On ClickWorker, microjobs usually pay between ten cents and a few dollars, but occasionally, you might get paid close to $20 for each assignment that is finished.

5. People Per Hour

You can get paid through PeoplePerHour by simultaneously taking orders for the service package and submitting proposals for the micro jobs you’re interested in.

You can choose your prices and turnover time while posting offers. If you apply directly to job postings’ projects, you might have to consider their finances.

In any case, a service fee that might range from 3.5% to 20% will be applied, depending on the amount of money you have already received from a particular gig.

6. Amazon Mechanical Turk

A platform called Amazon Mechanical Turk is used for crowdsourcing virtual jobs that need human intelligence. This platform links remote workers looking to perform micro jobs online for pay with companies and people who need to outsource different tasks.

Following your MTurk worker registration, you may have to wait for a maximum of three days for clearance. The list of intelligent tasks (HITs) that you can get paid to complete will appear once you’ve been accepted.

The majority of HITs on MTurk have completion bonuses of less than $1. Thus, the majority of the workers here make less than $5 per hour.

7. Freelancer

Another reliable website that you may use to earn extra money on the side is Freelancer, if you prefer those where you can actively submit applications to the gigs you like.

Simply register, fill out your profile, and place bids on tasks or competitions you’d want to participate in to begin making money on this platform. To make your application stand out from the competition, make sure to include strong arguments in your bid as to why you should be chosen for the project or job rather than others.

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