In this article, we’ll be discussing 10 amazing ways to make money typing. Many people don’t realize that there are actually quite a few ways to make money with this skill. Whether you’re a fast typer or just have good attention to detail, there are opportunities out there for you to make some extra cash.

We’ll be discussing a variety of methods, from online typing jobs to starting your own transcription business. So if you’re looking for ways to make money typing, this article is for you.

Ways to Make Money Typing

There are plenty of opportunities to make money typing, whether it’s online or offline. Here are 10 amazing ways to make money typing:

Online Typing Jobs

There are many online typing jobs available, such as data entry, transcription, and captioning. You can find these jobs on websites like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer.

Offline Typing Jobs

You can also find offline typing jobs, such as form-filling jobs.

How to Make Money by Typing

  1. Sell e-books on Amazon Kindle.
  2. Create an online course on Udemy or Skillshare.
  3. Start a blog and write paid guest posts.
  4. Transcribe audio files for companies like
  5. Become a freelance writer for sites like Upwork or Fiverr.
  6. Sell your photos online through stock photography sites.
  7. Provide virtual assistant services to small businesses.

There are a number of ways that you can make money typing. Here are 10 of the best ways to do so:

Freelance Writing

One of the easiest ways to make money typing is by becoming a freelance writer. You can sign up with a number of different websites or platforms that allow you to find writing gigs, and then you can get paid for each article or piece of content that you write.


Another way to make money typing is by becoming a copywriter. Copywriters are responsible for writing marketing and advertising materials, such as website copy, brochures, and email campaigns. You can find copywriting gigs on freelancing websites or by contacting marketing and advertising agencies directly.

Make Money Typing


If you have your own website or blog, you can make money typing by writing blog posts and articles for your site. You can monetize your site with advertising, affiliate marketing, or by selling products and services directly.


eBook Writing

Another way to make money typing is by writing eBooks. You can self-publish your eBook on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing or on other eBook platforms. You can also find publishers who are looking for authors to write eBooks on specific topics.

Online Tutoring

If you have expertise in a particular subject area, you can make money by tutoring people online.

Ways to Earn Money by Typing

  • Start a transcription business: With the rise of online audio and video content, transcription services are in high demand. If you have excellent typing skills and an ear for detail, you can start your own transcription business and earn a decent income from home.
  • Work as a freelance copywriter: Copywriting is another great way to earn money from home by using your typing skills. There are many businesses and individuals who need copywriters to create compelling content for their websites, blogs

How to Generate Income Through Typing Job

  1. Sell e-books – If you’re a good writer, there’s a market for your e-books! You can sell them on Amazon or other online retailers.
  2. Sell typewritten articles – If you’re a good writer and have something valuable to say, you can make money by selling articles that you type out. You can sell them on sites like Fiverr or Elance.
  3. Sell typed-out resumes – Are you good at resume writing, then you can use your skills to earn handsome money through this passion.


Ways to Monetize Your Typing Skills

  • Start a transcription service: Provide transcripts of audio or video files for businesses, students, or individuals.
  • Create captions for online videos: Add subtitles or captions to online videos to make them accessible to a wider audience.
  • Type up research papers: Help students or professionals get their research papers ready for publication.
  • Be a virtual assistant: Offer your typing and administrative skills to businesses or individuals who need assistance with tasks like scheduling.


There are a variety of ways to make money typing. By finding the right opportunity and possessing the necessary skills, anyone can earn a comfortable living by typing. While some methods may be more difficult than others, the potential rewards make the effort worthwhile. With a little creativity and perseverance, anyone can find success in the world of typing.

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